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We make four beers designed to be perfect modern exemplars of their type: Prospect - a session bitter designed to be full of hoppy character and flavour, Scholar - a classic mid-strength, complex English bitter, Trinity - a pale gold intensely hoppy beer and Oxford Porter, a smooth, rich, dark, flavour packed beer. Click on the tabs to read more.

All of our beers are made with large amounts of whole hops added at multiple stages to create striking flavour profiles. Prospect is bitter dry with a surprisingly big mouthfeel. Scholar is spicy and full. Trinity is pale, dry and intensely hoppy, Oxford Porter is smooth and rich with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Shotover beer pumps
Shotover beer pumps

The perfect session ale?

When the beer writer Tim Hampson (author of Great Beers, and London's Riverside Pubs) addressed the Oxford Brewgroup in July 2009, he said that in his view, the highest art form for a British brewer is to produce a low-gravity session ale that is big in body and flavour.

Prospect is our session bitter (we call the bottled version Pale Ale though it is exactly the same beer). Though comparatively low in alcohol this beer is made with more malted barley than many 4%+ABV beers and is packed with a combination of English and new world hops to give a surprisingly big mouthfeel and a striking dry hoppiness that is very moreish. A classic pale copper English bitter colour, Prospect is perfect for a few pints in the pub, watching sport or for parties and barbecues.

Available in 9 gall casks, 4.5gall pins, 20 litre polypins, 10 litre polypins and in 500ml bottles (bottle conditioned).

We had a bottle of Prospect independently taste profiled at Campden BRI (Brewing Research International). You can read what their experts said here

Our own description is simply this: very hoppy pale copper coloured ale with a mouthfeel and flavour balance that suggests a much stronger beer.

3.7% ABV

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Scholar is a mid strength copper coloured classic English bitter with a remarkable complexity. It combines a silky malt base with mixture of oranges, grapefruit and spiciness across the palate and delivers a satisfying bitter finish at the back of the throat.

Made with five malts and five hop varieties this is a beer for sipping in front of a log fire, or enjoying with a beef and mustard sandwich.


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CAMRA Champion Beer of Oxfordshire 2014/14

Trinity is a pale gold beer with a big hop aroma and an intense citrus hop character that lingers wonderfully on the palate. Trinity is hopped in multiple stages and then “dry hopped” again after fermentation to produce a remarkable, dry, intensely hoppy beer.

Named for summer term at the University of Oxford, Trinity was originally launched as a summer beer but has proved so popular it is now available all year round in cask and bottle.

4.2% ABV

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Oxford Porter is a dark, rich, smooth and intensely flavoured beer with an aroma of coffee and chocolate.

Made from six malts of varying degrees of kilning and a small addition of oats, together with English Fuggle, Golding and Challenger hops, Oxford Porter is a perfect example of this classic beer style.

Available in cask (winter only) and in bottle all year round.

5% ABV

We are happy to discuss own label possibilities for bottled beers in the Oxford area. The service generally involves a label made to the customer’s design being applied to our standard production bottles. Customers for this service include restaurants and bars seeking to offer something different, private individuals or clubs celebrating an event or even military reunions. There is no minimum quantity. Please contact us if you would like to discuss possibilities.

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The compact size and flexibility of our brewery with our technical capability and creativity as brewers enables us to respond to interesting marketing ideas from customers who want to do something different.

Examples are:

John Henry Export India Pale Ale 7.2% ABV. Brewed for Oxford Brookes University. Named for John Henry Brookes and produced as a celebration ale to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of The Oxford School of Art, the founding institution of the university. This was a 600 litre batch brewed to an 1864 historic recipe, aged then bottled in specially procured 750ml bottles, each individually numbered and wax sealed. It was sold through the university shops and restaurant.

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Plot 16 India Pale Ale 6%ABV. Brewed and bottled for Modern Art Oxford to utilise the hops produced at the Plot 16 hop garden art installation at Rose Hill allotments. This beer was brewed as a “green hop” beer the same weekend that the fresh hops were harvested. It was bottled in 330ml bottles and sold through the Modern Art Oxford shop and café.

Please contact us if you like to discuss the possibility of a special project.