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Beer at home

You can buy beer directly from the brewery for gifts, home or parties in bottles, polypins or casks. Click here for our list or on the side tabs to see what we can do.

Please call on 01865 604 620 / 07710 883273 before setting out to make sure we are here.

We sell bottles of Prospect, Scholar, Trinity and Porter individually, in gift packs and as cases (12x500ml).

Please note that all our bottled beers are naturally conditioned, unfined, unfiltered and suitable for vegetarians - just pure beer!

Each bottle contains a small amount of yeast sediment and they should be stored upright and poured carefully to avoid disturbing the sediment.

Our bottled beer information leaflet is here.

Polypins are a disposable "bag in box" product which allow draught beer to be easily dispensed. The technology prevents oxygen entering as the beer is poured and it will keep for a couple of weeks. We fill polypins with "bright" beer so there is no sediment. They can be carried around and used immediately. They can even fit into a fridge if required.

We do 20 litre (35 pint) and 10 litre (17.5 pint) polypins. Great for small parties.

The real thing!

We can supply a returnable 9 gallon Firkin (72 pint/41 litre) and 4.5 gallon Pins (36pint/20.5 litre) of either of our beers, together with the necessary stand, tap, and if required, a handpump (a deposit may be required).

Casks need to be set in their serving position the day before use to allow them to clear. We can also help with keeping them cool on hot summer days - very important.

If you are having a big event give us a call - it may be better if we set the beer up for you.

Casks can be collected from the brewery or we will deliver locally for free.

Brewery open For Sales

Click here for our product list and prices.

Please call 01865 604 620 / 07710 883273 before visiting during the week.