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We are a craft brewery located just outside of the city of Oxford, England dedicated to producing high quality cask and bottled beers.

What’s in a beer? We combine traditional British brewing methods and ingredients with some striking combinations of English and new world hops to produce beers with a distinctive full flavour and complexity. Click on the icons to find out more.


The Brewery Shop

We are currently operating the following

During the current Covid-19 crisis

Buy and Collect from the Brewery Yard

Call, Pay and Collect 01865 604620 or 07710 883273


Home Delivery Service (Wednesday and Friday)

Phone in your order to 01865 604620 or 07710 883273,

or check our Facebook Page

Place Order, Pay and we will arrange delivery.

(Minimum Order Value £25.00)


Online Shop

Our online shop is open for nationwide delivery via courier (dispatching orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

See the website and place your order


We are also still delivering weekly to a number of Wine Shops, supermarkets and some pubs who are offering a takeaway service around Oxford. If you require a list then please give us a call.

Please stay safe. We’ll see you soon.

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The brewery was founded in 2009 by Ed & Pip Murray in a 200 year old stable at Manor Farm in Horspath, just four miles from Carfax at the centre of Oxford, on the southern slope of Shotover hill. Ed had been an amateur craft brewer for over thirty years. The story of the creation of the brewery can be found in The Independent newspaper article of January 2010 here


Fresh beer!

We set out to produce beers with an attractive and complex flavour profile by combining the highest quality ingredients, skill and patience. Our cask ales are naturally conditioned in the brewery before release and our bottled beers are bottle conditioned for an authentic. Real ale is a fresh product and ours is usually enjoyed within four weeks of leaving the mash tun. We make a small range of beers as perfect exemplars of their type. You can find out about each beer by clicking on the icon.

Our business philosophy is built on three simple strands – Product Quality, Service, and Local identity – we are an Oxford brewery and our market is focused on Oxfordshire.

Cask Cask

We are a craft brewery. Our beer is hand-made in small batches from British malted barley and malted wheat. To achieve our striking flavor we use a mix of British and new world hops, then hand casked and hand bottled. We do not pasteurise or filter and it is a fresh product naturally conditioned by secondary fermentation in the cask or bottle.

One of the distinguishing features of Shotover beers is the sheer quantity of hops we use - the supplier of our brewing equipment described the volume of hops we use in Prospect as “insane”. Scholar has even more! Hops are the most expensive ingredient in beer but we think they are crucial to creating a distinctive and full flavour profile in British ale.

We use British malted barley, the Maris Otter barley used is grown across southern England. Our hops are grown in Kent, Herefordshire, South Island New Zealand and Washington State USA. We seek to minimise our raw material miles but fortunately hops are dried and are the lightest ingredients we use.

Making Beer

Shotover Hill, which dominates the approach to Oxford from London, is rich in myth and history. Formerly part of the mediaeval Shotover royal forest it is now largely an ancient woodland and park and still carries the original old London coach road over its summit. Charles Wesley was robbed by a highwayman here in 1737 and a Queen's College scholar was said to have killed a wild boar by stuffing his copy of Aristotle down its throat.

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